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Howard Stern 30 Years On: Will Internet Radio Challenge Him?

When did Howard Stern stop being a shock jock? Was it when it became a rather prescient judge on “America’s Got Talent?” Or, when he recently celebrated his 30th anniversary on radio in New York; he debuted Aug. 30 in 1982 on WNBC. With his move to satellite radio from terrestrial radio, naysayers claim he’s lost his edge. As for me, I’d listen to him anytime. Meanwhile, another new format, Internet radio, has emerged since Stern’s departure....
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Brett Winterble Puts Political Spin on Pop Culture on Sirius/XM

Brett Winterble, long known for his outspokenness on political issues on Sirius/XM Talk 168, is now bringing his pungent commentary to the best of the current world of pop culture and entertainment. And does he have a few things to get off his chest. He scooped a number of other major media outlets by landing an interview with Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez. And, he just spoke to Judge Jim Gray, the Libertarian party VP nominee....