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  • Andre Ginnane has scored a literary hit with her childrens’ books. (Photo: DisCompany)S

    Introducing a new literary character is never an easy task. But for author Andre Ginnane, her creation, “Sal,” has been an across-the-board success.

    Sal was crafted to spark a child’s imagination as well as their natural and adventurous curiosity for learning.

    Her current two releases, under the banner of “The Adventures of Sal” (The Adventures of Sal – Activity Book and Two Houses, Two Rooms, One Love) have been immediate hits on amazon.com and stirred considerable media interest.

    Hollywood has gotten onboard the Sal train and an animated movie may be in the works.

    Here’s how we meet him: Sal, has just moved into a new neighborhood. Right away he meets a new friend, John David.

    They are both very adventurous and begin to explore their surroundings together.

    Andre Ginnane has scored a literary hit with her childrens’ books. (Photo: DisCompany)

    With each new quest for adventure, Sal’s protective mother reminds them to be careful and use safety precautions to avoid injury. (sound like anyone you know?)

    After their many fun and sometimes dangerous adventures they learn that maybe, just maybe, Sal’s mom might have been right all along.

    Her next two books on “Sal, The Pet Playground in the Sky” and “The Super Hero Mobile” will be both released (via Yorkshire Publishing) on Friday, October 30.

    We zoomed with Ginnane and discussed her creation, from her home base in Alabama for a New York Independent Q&A.

    NYI : How did it feel to have Sal become an immediate hit in the children’s book field?

    Ginnane: “My son Kai was the inspiration for this series. Culturally diverse; relevant and an enjoyable ride for kids and adults alike. I wanted to make it suitable for everyone and the response has been phenomenal … from educators, parents and kids alike. It felt great.”

    Andre Ginnane’s book Super Hero Mobile. (click the photo to buy on amazon.com

    NYI: When you started writing it, what was your focus on?

    Ginnane:: “The adventures explored in each book are based on universal and relatable childhood experiences. Sensory activities, reading exercises and other interactive features were always going to be included.”

    NYI: To have it become an immediate success of Amazon must have been very satisfying.

    Ginnane: “In these unprecedented times, everyone is reading. I’m just glad I’ve been able to bring in a new character and have it received so positively.”

    NYI: How did Yorkshire Publishing come into play?

    Ginnane: “Through a recommendation, and they’ve been particularly encouraging. They gave me the resources to make this dream come true.”

    NYI: How long had you been brainstorming the concept?

    Ginnane: “The first Sal book simply resulted from an idea I had to create a fun, interactive and suspenseful activity for my son’s birthday party. In doing so, The Adventures of Sal- Activity book was introduced and it was a huge success.

    The children and parents attending immediately began asking for another Sal story. As I sat down to brainstorm ideas for a second book, I began to envisioned all of the fun and amazing possibilities for the Sal series.”

    NYI: To have Hollywood come calling is a great option, right?

    Ginnane: “There have been so many terrific animated movies; to have Sal be considered would be a dream come true.”

    NYI: The next two editions come out in two weeks – are there more to follow?

    Ginnane: “Absolutely, Sal will have many fun, universally-relatable childhood adventures. With such a broad range of topics to cover, there is no limit as to what Sal and his friends can do, where they can go or what they can accomplish.”

    NYI: Certainly, this year has provided the right context for Sal, correct?

    Ginnane: “The Adventures of Sal series is very timely and relevant. This series is designed to engage children of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities and assist them in discovering commonalities that unite us as one world. To showcase, through the entertaining art of storytelling, our relatable humankind experiences that insist we are so much more alike than different.”