Mexico’s Flourishing 18th Century Art


“The Divine Spouse” Reclining in a lush garden is one of the most imaginative subjects of eighteenth-century Mexico, alluding to divine love. Mystical gardens were visual allegories that referenced monastic life, and they aimed to inspire perfect virtue among cloistered nuns. Hidden among the bed of flowers are symbols of the Passion of Christ, as the ladder used to lower Christ’s body from the cross, the Veil of Veronica, and the Titulus Crucis (a relic of the True Cross). Jesus is crowned by angels and souls in heaven, where a place is promised to virtuous women who follow the lessons inscribed among the flowers. The painting is by Miguel Cabrera (Mexican, ca. 1715-1768).

(Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Mexico’s Flourishing 18th Century Art (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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