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  • Trump was portrayed on Twitter as Thanos—an intergalactic space warrior who wants to annihilate billions of people. (Photo: ScreenShot)

    Trump was portrayed on Twitter as Thanos—an intergalactic space warrior who wants to annihilate billions of people. (Photo: ScreenShot)

    Last night, the nice folks at Twitter permanently suspended my account – again. For the fourth time. The previous three times I was kicked off the site were for trolling upstanding “patriots” Matt Gaetz, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, respectively.

    The interesting thing is this latest suspension, was not that I was kicked off, again.

    By now, I’m quite used to seeing those lovely four words “Your account is suspended.”

    It’s that I was apparently booted for posting a satirical clip we made of president Trump opening fire on a group of holiday shoppers – an obvious nod to his own statement of being able to get away with “shooting people on Fifth Ave.”

    The caption read “Raise your hand if you think this will be the scene the day after he’s acquitted by the Senate.” (Insert an ‘explosion’ sfx and image of my profile, once again, going up in flames)

    Interestingly enough, just a few hours after I’m sent to languish in the Phantom Zone, forever, the Trump campaign releases a video depicting him as the mass-murdering ’Thanos’ from the Avengers, showing the president waving his hand and eviscerating the entire Congressional Impeachment delegation.

    Did the folks at Twitter suspend anyone’s account for retweeting such hate speech and for all-but-calling for the deaths of these government officials?

    Did they put his sons in Twitter “Time-Out” for a week or so?

    Did they at least suspend the accounts of those running his campaign who created the ad and who thought it was a good idea to publicly advocate for the annihilation of his rivals?

    Did they do anything at all?

    How about the last video that had the president assassinating church goers, including media companies, as well as shooting president Obama in the face? Did they do anything then? Of course not.

    Why not, you ask? Ah, that’s the big head scratcher, kids.

    Maybe, it’s because there’s a shitload of GOP/Trump-sympathizing interns working the servers who make it their mission to tilt the scales every chance they get? (That would explain our on-again-off-again relationship).

    Maybe, it’s because all the geeks at headquarters were playing Tetris when the spot was posted and not paying attention to the alarm bells going off all around them? Maybe it’s because CEO Jack Dorsey found himself puckering up and kissing some bloated, orange ass in exchange for a few undisclosed favors in one of their recent White House meetings?

    Who knows?

    The only thing I can say for sure is, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind there is an unequivocal double-standard when it comes to how Twitter polices Trump vs. the rest of us, i.e. it’s non-existent.

    Why, since this incredibly unqualified lunatic took office, has Twitter not done a thing to try and curb his attacks on private citizens?

    Why haven’t they taken any action when he uses members of Congress, the FBI – i.e., poor Lisa Page, and career ambassadors as target practice?

    Why have they stood by and done nothing as he calls for the “outing” of whistleblowers – invariably risking the chance of others in possession of invaluable information from coming forward, thus jeopardizing our national security, as well as endangering the very lives of those brave individuals and their families?

    There are so many things wrong with this mind-boggling ambivalence on the part of the world’s most popular communication tool, it’s beyond words. Forget the fact that the president violates one of Twitter’s “Main Commandments” on an hourly basis; that being:

    “You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so.”

    Seriously, Twitter? You’re joking, right?

    Take away every single tweet in which @RealdonaldTrump has either directly harassed, or called for the harassment/public shaming of one of his critics and/or opponents, and you’re left with about six. Out of about twenty-five thousand. If that’s not bias, I don’t know what is.

    Not to mention, in the past three plus years, why hasn’t there been a single article or publication by an executive at Twitter Central who’s watched their application be used for the primary purpose of sowing chaos and discord among his/her fellow Americans and who had the balls to try and put a stop to it? Where is the Twitter whistleblower?

    Something is definitely rotten in Denmark.

    Legally speaking, at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do.

    I’ve had scores of friends who’ve had to deal with the two-faced, spineless, hypocritical policies of an entity that thrives on playing judge, jury and executioner towards its users for the most minor of infractions, who, like me, want to sue, and who are then told by an attorney that, because Twitter is not a state or federal agency, they are not bound by first amendment law.

    To me, that’s a problem that needs fixing, asap.

    After all, we, the users are the reason – the ONLY reason – Twitter is a multi-billion dollar company. It would seem to me that being allowed to operate, virtually unregulated (you listening Congress?), you’d think the “Powers That Be” would be forced to afford its users some sort of protection under the Constitution. Especially if they define their main purpose as that of a tool for “Public Conversation.”

    Should the biggest entity for conversation/communication/breaking news the world has ever seen be allowed to operate free of oversight? To reap the financial/social rewards it gets by providing such a platform and, in turn, not be subjected to any rules, outside of the ones it provides for itself?

    Seems a bit one-sided if you ask me, especially since they’re now a publicly traded company.

    Not to mention, Twitter’s entire “Appeal Process” is a complete joke.

    An absolute sham that mocks the user in its apathetic taunt to offer a chance at redemption. I’d love to know how many users whose accounts have been suspended were reinstated on appeal.

    I’d venture to say the number is next to none, as you aren’t given the opportunity to communicate w/ a live human being, or to fully explain your situation. Similar to Facebook’s M.O. of treating its users like batteries in The Matrix, sucking every bit of life they can get before flushing us into the void, Twitter provides one of the most pathetically inadequate support departments in the history of support departments. They make the cable companies look like Amazon.

    IMO, the real dangerous part about what’s happening is, once again, we have technology far eclipsing the pace of regulatory practices/governance.

    As we speak, there’s absolutely nothing stopping the most powerful man on earth from using the power of the technology at his fingertips to threaten, intimidate, harass, bully, and lie.

    Not Congress, not The People, and, Lord knows, not Twitter, itself. It may take generations to recover from such a traumatic, incessant, daily assault on our senses, on the Truth, and our world as a whole.

    Imagine how much better things would be if Twitter actually held the president to the same standards the rest of us are held to.

    Imagine if Donald Trump’s Twitter account had been suspended for violating their terms? Even for a week. Imagine how great that week would be; free of hate, free of malice and misleading proclamations and declarations being spewed out and blasted at us, every five minutes, like the spigot of a piping hot sprinkler on a sweltering summer’s day? One can dream.

    ‘Til then, perhaps a massive class action suit against Twitter by thousands of users who were suspended/kicked off/banned for the same things the president does on a daily basis would wake them and/or Congress up? Even if it’s not winnable, watching their stock drop a dozen points due to such an egregious pr gaff would make any company rethink its relationship with its users, and the public.

    Social media has become the primary way of communication for 95% of modern society – not to mention a trillion dollar behemoth that’s virtually unregulated. It’s about time these Titans of Text were held responsible to their users, from whom, they generate one hundred percent of their value. Til then, keep a look out for my fifth Twitter profile. #RESIST

    Check out the video below.