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  • The fate of women’s rights rides on the 2024 election. (Photo: The Handmaid’s Tale)

    Donald Trump has bragged repeatedly about stacking the Supreme Court with ideologically driven, right-wing justices, who just two years ago ended a 50-year precedent on abortion.

    The 6-3 ruling effectively overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that made abortion legal nationwide.

    The high court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson pushed the issue back to the states and has unleashed a war on women’s rights.

    A torrent of local legislation has been passed or proposed that would create a new criminal class — doctors, healthcare providers and pregnant women.

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    Today, 14 states have a total abortion ban, with no exceptions even for the health of the mother, rape or incest, according to one independent source of healthcare information.

    Another 27 states have restricted abortion based on gestational duration, ranging from six to 15 weeks, which makes an abortion virtually impracticable.

    In Texas and 15 other states, a doctor who provides an non-medical-emergency abortion could now face up to life in prison, a $100,000 civil penalty and the loss of a their license.

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    Some states also impose criminal penalties on women who self-manage abortions with medication, according to the Brookings Institution.

    And, some states are considering laws to monitor pregnant women and prevent them from leaving the state.

    But the ultimate goal of anti-abortion conservatives is to impose similar draconian measures nationwide.

    The want to rein in the 26 states where abortions are still up to a woman and her doctor. They have become havens for women seeking medical help.

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    Trump has been purposely vague on what he would do if elected president. He’s suggested all options are on the table, in a blatantly political ploy to avoid fallout from voters.

    But as the architect of the conservative majority that overturned Roe, Trump can’t be trusted on anything he says about abortion.

    A nationwide ban would put the United States on the same level as 24 countries — many Third World religious theocracies — where abortion is prohibited.

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    This short video, released by Brave New Films on the two-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision, highlights the ongoing fight for women’s autonomy.

    It explores the harsh realities faced by women under draconian anti-choice legislation in post-Roe America.

    Through personal stories, the short documentary delves into the emotional and physical toll these laws take on women’s lives.

    In light of the crucial 2024 election, where Trump has hinted at a national abortion ban and outlawing all abortion medication, the video underscores the urgent need for action on reproductive rights.

    Watch to understand the stakes in the fight for women’s autonomy.