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  • Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl rock out on anti-vaxxers in new song. (Photo: ScreenCap)
    Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl rock out on anti-vaxxers in new song. (Photo: ScreenCap)

    Mick Jagger is throwing stones at anti-vaxxers who won’t take coronavirus vaccines in a new song that features Nirvana and Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl.

    The Rolling Stones frontman admitted lyrics in the song, titled “Eazy Sleazy” are “a piss-take on conspiracy theories.”

    Jagger said he was astonished by some of his “relatively sensible” friends and family members, who for various reasons, were refusing to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

    “It just seems to be that even people you know that are relatively sensible about a lot of things have one thing that they just don’t kind of get,” he said.

    “I have several friends and relations and they go off on these things that just doesn’t… They’re just irrational.”

    He adds that speaking to people about it does little good.

    “They don’t get it. They got what they believe in, and they believe in that. And it doesn’t matter what you say, they’re gonna believe in it. And, rational thought doesn’t work.

    “Even a country like France that prided themselves in the 18th Century on rationality is the most anti-vaccine country in Western democracy. It’s not as if [vaccines] are a new thing.

    “You can’t argue with these people. So that’s how I got to the conspiracy theories; through the anti-vaxxers. Even I didn’t mention it in that verse; I probably should’ve though [since] I just went off on it.”

    The 77-year-old rocker feels “lucky” that he spent lockdown in the countryside because he knows not everyone had a “nice place” to be outdoors and still apart from others.

    “People are really suffering in some places and don’t have the advantages that we have. So you went up and down and you had to be adaptable. Obviously, I’m luckier than most. I’ve never spent so long in the country,” he told Rolling Stone.

    “I always had somewhere I could go outside. The idea of being locked up in an urban apartment without being able to go out — which a lot of my friends were — must have been really awful.

    “You miss seeing people; you miss conversation; you miss interaction; you miss playing music with people. All of that was difficult.

    But I can’t say I had a hard time. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I was able to deal with it because I was lucky enough to be able to have these nice places to hole up in.

    But not everyone does.”

    Check out the video below.