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  • Kendall Jenner wants to tell you what she does in bed. (Photo: YouTube/ScreenCap)

    Kendall Jenner wants to tell you what she does in bed. (Photo: YouTube/ScreenCap)

    Kendall Jenner is nothing if not a good sport. She reveals her favorite things to do in bed, and how she met her friend Travis Bennett aka Yung Taco of Odd Future in a new Calvin Klein holiday party video.

    She’s one of several models who have told all in the brand’s “In Bed With…” videos. It swears the conversations are totally unfiltered!

    So what does Kendall reveal?

    “Hey guys, (what no girls?)” she says in a seductive voice. “Come get in bed with me!”

    So far, so good, except for failing the Hollywood sexual fluidity test by leaving out the girls.

    Sexual fluidity is all the rage in Tinseltown these days. Such stars as Kristen Stewart, Bella Thorne, Demi Lovato, Michelle Rodriguez and Michelle Williams to name a few, swear by it.

    “Should we get started?” she asks, flopping on the bed in her Calvin Klein underwear.

    “My favorite thing to do in bed, is probably, just chill out,” she proclaims.

    (Product placement alert! Kendall is about to conspicuously drop the names of a few products)

    “Like watch Disney Plus or Apple TV or Netflix, or something and literally just eat food and do nothing.”

    Kendall just turned 24 in November, but she’s more like going on 13. You just might get her in bed by mentioning how much you like kiddie movies, like “Step Brothers,” “Bridesmaids” or “Marley and Me.” They’re her favs.

    Oh, also hope you don’t mind crumbs in bed. She loves cookies and ice cream.

    Or she might have some chili when it’s cold out. Wait? In Los Angeles where she lives? When is it ever cold there?

    She’s in bed by 10 pm and up early, really early, because, you know, it makes the day seem longer.

    Ok, now she reveals her life of privileged. She pulled her first all-nighter, not in a sleepover in the basement of her girlfriend’s house, but after jetting into Cannes, France and taking a side trip to Monaco.

    She finally gets to the good stuff, answering a question about her biggest turn on.

    Check out the video below to find out.