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  • Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska at the World Premiere of Columbia Pictures’ Charlie's Angels at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo: Steve Cohn)

    Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska at the World Premiere of Columbia Pictures’ Charlie’s Angels at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo: Steve Cohn)

    Kristen Stewart is out and proud, but her character in the new “Charlie’s Angels,” movie is not so obviously gay, raising a question whether the studio was playing down Stewart’s sexuality in the film.

    Director and co-star Elizabeth Banks shed some light on the question in a new interview. She says “Kristen’s character is definitely gay in the movie, something Stewart herself wanted.

    Stewart plays Sabina Wilson one of three private detectives who work for a secretive boss. If her character is gay, it’s mostly implied, according to trailers for the movie.

    But make no mistake Sabina is “definitely gay,” Banks told Pride Source, which publishes a gay Michigan web magazine.

    “I’ll tell you, this is what it is: We have a very inclusive, open, loving movie set and I get to make movies with multiple women who get to sit around in rooms and touch each other and hold hands, because that’s what women do, right?” Banks said.

    “We just really tried to be as loving and accepting of each other as possible, and if that creates some vibes that people want to interpret, so be it.”

    But if the character is gay, why be so subtle about it, especially when Stewart is so out there.

    Banks said she wanted the character to be gay and wanted to be sure Stewart would be “fully behind” her character

    “I mean, she wanted to be gay in the movie and I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ I made sure we kept that little moment in so that you understand what she was attracted to.

    In fact, “she loves to be open about it,” said Banks. “I just wanted to make sure that she was able to present a character that she was fully behind.”

    The other angels Naomi Scott who plays Elena Houghlin and Ella Balinska who plays Jane Kano and her own character Susan Bosley are not conforming to any labels, Banks said.

    “When I cast [Kristen Stewart], I just wanted her to be … I just felt like she’s almost the way Kristen is. I don’t feel there is a label that fits her.

    “The only thing that was important to me was to not label it as anything. It’s fine if the media wants to label it, I think that’s OK, but I didn’t do that. I just let her be herself in the film.”

    Stewart appeared in her first role as an openly lesbian character in the 2016 drama “Certain Women.” The movie is about the “intersecting lives” of women in rural Montana who face different challenges in their lives.

    A number of her roles have been sexually ambiguous, although she played Nicholas Hoult’s on-screen lover in the sci-fi movie “Equals.”

    She also had a romantic lead part in Woody Allen’s comedy-drama, “Cafe Society,” opposite Allen and Jesse Eisenberg.

    In real life, Stewart hasn’t been romantically involved with a man since her explosive affair in 2012 with Rupert Sanders, director of “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and a married father of two.

    She dated Robert Pattinson for four years during their “Twilight” film series. The broke up in 2012 and briefly reconciled a year later before parting for good.

    Since then, she been linked to stylist Sara Dinkin, personal assistant Alicia Cargile, singers St. Vincent and Stephanie “Soko” Sokolinski and model Stella Maxwell.

    Most recently, Stewart has been dating screenwriter Dylan Meyer and revealed plans to marry her on the Howard Stern show. (See below)

    “I can’t fucking wait,” she said. “Yeah, I don’t know [when] … I want to be somewhat reasonable about it, but I think good things happen fast.”

    Stewart also told Stern she was “super in love” with Pattinson. (see below)

    The film hits theaters this Friday (Nov. 15)

    It’s earning mostly favorable reviews with a “fresh” 65 rating on rottentomatoes, and a 54 rating on Metacritic. Both track reviews.

    “Banks brings Charlie’s Angels into the modern age with flair, all while unapologetically raising a feminist flag, championing female friendships and subtly making a point about the urgency of the ongoing climate crisis,” writes Beandrea July, of trade rag Hollywood Reporter.

    Check out Kristen’s photos from the movie’s LA premiere.