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  • Kaley Cuoco tries to balance family life with her secret life… as an assassin.

     Kaley Cuoco tries to balance family life with her secret life… as an assassin. (Photos: Amazon/MGM)

    Kaley Cuoco added lots of spice as the addled next door neighbor, Penny, in “The Big Bang Theory,” but in her new movie, “Role Play,” she’s nobody to mess with.

    While balancing a home, husband and two kids, she moonlights as a deadly assassin. The problems only start when her two worlds begin to collide.

    David Oyelowo,  Connie Nielson and Bill Nighy also star in the film, directed by Thomas Vincent.  Andrew Baldwin and Seth W. Owen co-wrote the script.

    The film will stream on Amazon Prime starting in January. Cuoco will have a producer credit along with Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona. The first trailer dropped today (Nov. 15), see below.

    In the film, Cuoco plays “Emma,” a somewhat harried (who isn’t) suburban homemaker in New Jersey, who leads a secret double life.

    Her unsuspecting husband (Oyelowo) is a doting dad to their two kids, while Emma slips into a clandestine, cloak and dagger world as a hired killer.

    Emma (Kaley Cuoco) delivers disturbing news to her husband in the action comedy Role Play.

    Her husband finally discovers her secret life by accident when the couple decide to spice up their marriage with a little role play, according to the film’s synopsis.

    Needless to say, mayhem ensues, and judging from the trailer, Cuoco has a new film future as an action anti-hero.

    Of course, she’s best known for her role in “The Big Bang Theory.” She started as a regular on the show when it debuted in 2007 and appeared in all 279 episodes over 12 seasons. The show is now in regular reruns.

    Her Big Bang character, Penelope “Penny” Hofstadter, was a counterpoint to the show’s braniacs. Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Simon (Howard Wolowitz) and Kanal (Rajesh Koothrappali).

    While they had advanced degrees and overweening egos, Penny was a non-college grad who was down to earth and possessed a basic common sense that the others lacked.

    While she’s best known for the show, she actually scored her breakout role as Bridget Hennessy on the ABC sitcom “8 Simple Rules,” which ran from 2002 to 2005. She’s also appeared in more than 20 films.

    Oyelowo is a British actor who is probably best known in the United States for playing  Martin Luther King Jr. in the biographical drama film “Selma” in 2014. He’s also appeared in nearly 40 other films.

    The screenplay for “Role Play” was picked up in 2020 by StudioCanal and The Picture Company. Cuoco was signed to the film a year later, both as a star and producer. Vincent joined later that year.

    Check out the trailer below and be sure to follow The New York Independent on “X” formerly Twitter for more movie news.