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  • Lil Jon seems to know there’s still a lot of life left behind the closed doors of an old folks home. That’s the scene for his new video of the song “Drink” featuring LMFAO. “When you hear the record, it makes you want to go to the club and drink and party,” Jon says.

    It must be a rockin’ party song, if it can get these oldsters on their feet. “A little push helps,” Jon adds, and apparently that’s all it takes.

    The video opens with a stereotypical scene of elderly guys and girls doing old people things like playing dominoes, knitting, and dozing off in a community room. These folks were teens when Elvis Presley and the Big Bopper were making the music scene back in the 1950s.

    You know, Mick Jagger’s age, so they really know how to party.

    As soon as the attendant stops out for a “five-minute break,” the room comes alive. The dominoes get pushed aside and out comes the tequila and vodka. The party begins while Jon can be heard shouting “We came into the club to get real f—-d up!”

    Lil Jon, real name Jonathan Day, and LMFAO do not directly appear in the video. Instead there are shots of them on the television in the room in concert and in a cartoon.

    The crunk king said he got a kick out of making the Ballard C. Boyd-directed video nonetheless. “I think it shows people like to get a little bit crazy in their elder years,” he told The Huffington Post.

    The oldsters bump and grind and reveal their secret selves before the attendant returns and everything reverts to the mundanity of old age. “One shot, two shot, three shot, four, take that bottle to the head, do one f*cking more,” raps Jon. Right on.

    Watch the video below: