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  • Chet Haze, better known actor Tom Hanks’ son, rounds up a passel of hot ladies for a new video for his song “Do It Better.” He looks more like a private school prepster than a hard-core rapper and spits a kind of smooth jazzy rap.

    But, hey, he’s Tom Hanks’ son.

    Chet, real name Chester Hanks, makes the bar scene in the video and adds a whole new interpretation to the term “bling.” He’s dressed in a conservative blue blazer and white shirt.

    He looks like he could have just walked out of The Harvard Club, except for the gold jewelry. And what’s with the sunglasses in a dark bar? As Larry David once said: “You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes.”

    But, hey, he’s Tom Hanks’ son.

    The 21-year-old immediately draws a flock of women, including “the baddest girl around.” The scene cuts to a swank apartment. Or is that his bedroom inside dad’s sprawling mansion. No matter, he’s got the girl, a raven-haired, dark-skinned beauty.

    The next thing you know, she’s stripped down to her shirt, bra and panties. Or is that his shirt? In any event, Chet ends up on top without his shirt, sporting a blazingly large tattoo of a cross on his back.

    In one regard, he’s no different than Willow Smith or Jaden Smith, the children of mega-actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. If you’ve got a name and show biz connections, go with it.

    But to is credit, he changed his name to avoid being recognized as.. Tom Hanks’ son.

    “I took the name back as a kid,’ he told The Huffington Post. ‘When people didn’t know who I was in terms of who my dad was, I wouldn’t tell them. I would tell people my name is Chet Haze, because it sounds like Hanks, so if I slipped up – If you say Haze, it almost sounds like Hanks.”

    He defines his music as “pop-rap.” He’s no Eminem, but check it out below: