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  • Jaden Smith does a little shopping for skateboards with a posse of friends in the new video for his song “Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me),” which can only be described as pop hip-hop, in much the same musical style of dad Will Smith.

    He samples Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” in the rap.

    Sister Willow Smith has been carrying most of the load for the family musically. She’s dropped videos for her debut “Whip My Hair,” “Do it Like Me (Rockstar)” and “I Am Me.” Jaden, meanwhile, has focused on collaborations.

    He appeared with Justin Bieber and Usher at the Grammys last year to perform an over-the-top version of Justin’s song, “Never Say Never.”

    He also appeared in videos with Bieber singing Frank Ocean hit “Thinking About You” and a song Justin wrote for his fans titled “Happy New Year.”

    So this video marks a bit of a step up in his career. Directed by Mike Vargas and filmed in black-and-white and color, the video opens with Smith and his entourage cruising through a skateboard shop.

    The scene cuts to a party where Jaden raps to a background of dancing and serious skateboard and bike tricks. The scene was filmed at the Los Angeles Skatelab Park. Jaden takes a ride on a board as well, but not to hard or too far. His skills are basically basic.