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  • Rebecca Holden and Abraham McDonald duet on her song 'Dreams Come True,' which is climbing country charts.

    Rebecca Holden and Abraham McDonald duet on her song ‘Dreams Come True,’ which is climbing country charts.

    Rebecca Holden is best known as a television actress, but she’s also a singer who has charted two singles and just released a new duet, “Dreams Come True,” with Abraham McDonald. It’s already broken into the Top 20 on the charts.

    Holden was discovered in New York City and began working as a model. She eventually segued into commercials and made the move to Hollywood to become an actress.

    She appeared on such TV-nuggets as “Remington Steele,” “The Love Boat,” “Matt Houston,” and “Night Court,” but her big break came with a starring role in ’80s television sci-fi drama, “Knight Rider,” starring David Hasselhoff.

    Rebecca Holden: Dreams Come True

    She appeared for two seasons as April Curtis. Conventions are still held around the world, celebrating “Knight Rider,” and Holden has made it to most of them.

    Also, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, is talking up a re-make of movie in the coming year.

    We caught up with Rebecca at a rehearsals session in Los Angeles with McDonald for a Q&A about her return to music. The song is her first to be released since 1989’s “The Truth Doesn’t Always Rhyme” and “License to Steal.”

    TheImproper: Rebecca, tell us about the genesis of ‘Dreams Come True’

    Holden: ‘Dreams Come True’ is based on the Pachelbel Canon, which was a chamber music piece by the Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel. In the 1970s it became extremely popular for weddings and also became the theme song for the Robert Redford film, “Ordinary People”. Now, Rudy Perez, Joel Diamond and Larry Brown have put lyrics and a new arrangement to the original instrumental piece, making it a beautiful love duet.

    IM: You’re going to shoot the video in Nashville with director Jimmy Adams soon … tell us about that?

    Holden: Jimmy Adams’ Nashville-based company SeenOnDemand will be doing the video. Nashville is such a great city; I have family there, so it’s going to be so fun to go back there, shoot our video, and see lots of friends!

    IM: How did you and producers Joel Diamond and Rudy Perez choose Abraham McDonald?

    Holden: Abraham first came to our attention when we heard him perform live at the Malibu Music Awards. In this day and age of so many “manufactured” artists in the recording studio, my first impression was, He can really sing! So when we were looking for the male vocalist, we remembered him. Abraham had won the Oprah Winfrey National Vocal Contest judged by David Foster, Dianne Warren and LA Reid and is so talented.

    Inside the studio: Joel Diamond, Rebecca Holden, Abraham McDonald and Rudy Perez.

    Inside the studio: Joel Diamond, Rebecca Holden, Abraham McDonald and Rudy Perez.

    IM: Tell us how UK-re-mixers, Club Junkies, got involved in the project.

    Holden: Joel was playing the song for a friend of his, Mark Power of Loverush UK, who is a dance promoter, and some of Mark’s remixers happened to be in the office and heard it. They immediately insisted on getting the vocal stems to create a dance version of “Dreams Come True”! It had never even occurred to me previously that this beautiful ballad could be made into a dance record, but I fell in love with it the second I heard it and could not stop dancing around the room!

    IM: We’d be remiss if we didn’t ask about ‘Knight Rider’ and your time on the show; how was that and what are you favorite memories of the show?

    Holden: we had a great time doing ‘Knight Rider;’ the entire cast and crew were such a special group of people, and of course it’s always a privilege to work at something you love, and for that I am truly grateful. At the time, although we knew of course that the show was a hit on NBC,

    I don’t think we really realized how much it was resonating with the fans and that it would endure the way it has. There are still ‘Knight Rider’ events held around the world even today, bringing people together and forging friendships. (There are even some “Knight Rider” weddings!)

    IM: Joel produced Hasselhoff’s first album … did you both meet at that point? And, what’s this about a rumored movie?

    Holden: Yes, you are right! Joel produced David’s first album which sold 3 million copies in Germany and broke his music career wide open. And you are also correct that the Weinstein Company has obtained the ‘Knight Rider’ movie rights from the show’s creator, Glen Larson.

    The theme of the show is ‘One man can make a difference,’ and as I attend ‘Knight Rider’ festivals around the world, the fans tell me remarkable stories of how the show has inspired them and how they are now bonding with their own children while watching the show together.

    IM: Will there be a full album to follow the single of ‘Dreams Come True?’

    Holden: Yes. Rudy Perez was voted ‘Latin Producer of the Decade’ and just received three more nominations for Natalie Cole’s Spanish album on David Foster’s label. Abraham and I are going into the studio shortly to record a Spanish version of ‘Dreams Come True’ and also a Christmas song.

    IM: The first week the record was out it was ‘Top Added AC Radio Record’ of the week; how’d that feel?

    Holden: From all the thousands of emails we’ve received from around the world, I had sort of an inkling that ‘Dreams Come True’ was connecting with the people. But now that it seems as if it’s gaining acceptance at radio as well, the song now has an even a greater opportunity to reach a wider audience and touch people’s hearts.

    Dreams Come True’ doesn’t really sound like anything else on radio right now, so to everybody out there who is calling and requesting our song and to the radio stations who are venturing into uncharted waters by playing it, a deeply felt thanks!

    For more on Rebecca, check out her Web site RebeccaHolden. And, follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest music news.