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  • Paul McCartney’s bluesy “My Valentine,” which he wrote and dedicated to his new wife, Nancy Schevell is out on video. Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman are the only characters.

    The ex-Beatle debuted the video in Los Angeles last night (Apr. 13). Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister (“Dark Knight,” “Inception”), Susanne Preissler and Paul Martinez produced and edited the minimalist, black and white clip, which runs just over three minutes.

    The full video was preceded by two teaser videos. Depp who has been making the scene lately with his guitar, actually gets to play on the song. He jammed with Marilyn Manson and Taylor Momsen at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on Apr. 11.

    The video was also a family affair. McCartney’s fashion designer daughter, Stella McCartney is credited for inspiring the visuals. The song is the lead single on McCartney’s new album, Kisses on the Bottom.

    The album tracklist is made up of covers of all the early standards that McCartney says inspired him early in his career. “My Valentine” and “Only Our Hearts” are the only original songs.

    Much of the material is squishy-sentimental or novelty/music-hall type songs.

    Sir Paul also enlists jazz singer and pianist Diana Krall who compliments the rock and roller with her sharp arrangements. Eric Clapton also contributes on “Get Yourself Another Fool,”

    At 69, McCartney is as hip and vibrant as ever, which surprises even him. “We thought thirty was like really old,” McCartney told reporters.

    “Now I think it’s amazingly young. There was a guy at John’s art college who was 24 and we felt very sorry for him, he looked like a real old guy, he had a five -o-clock shadow, he looked really pathetic to us because we were like, 16 … I’m really just some kid from Liverpool still.”

    Check out the video below.