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  • Usher draws heavily from his Off-Broadway musical Fuerza Bruta for his new video for song “Scream.” It’s vintage Usher with high-energy, yet cool smoothness.

    Looking dapper in a white suit, Usher paces back and forth as he works through the lyrics of his song. Occasionally, he twitches a dance move.

    He filled in for two Fuerza Bruta performances in April as the show’s Running Man. He performed songs off of his album.

    Fuerza Bruta (Spanish for brute force) is unconventional theatre; no one sits down at our show,” said Executive Producer Stephen Shaw.

    “So to be able to give audience members an opportunity to experience Fuerza Bruta with Usher in the action is incredible,” he added.

    The video, directed by BBGun, parallels the show’s dark stage and includes some footage of his stage performance. Usher is only back lit with bright likes and a spotlight.

    He meets a female dancer, and the two share show what it means to get close. Women are suspended pools of water same as the show. The video ends with Usher performing in front of an audience from the show. He runs on a treadmill and smashes through a will of paper.

    “Scream,” the second single off his seventh studio album, is currently getting airplay at radio. The album was released in the U.S. earlier this week.

    Check out the video below.