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  • Ke$ha not only flies the American flag, she is the American flag in a new photo shoot for V Magazine’s “Americana” issue. So this is modern America… dirty blonde hair and freckles?

    The 25-year-old singer isn’t afraid of the raunchier side of rock.

    ‘I do feel like there are the pop stars of the world, and then I’m like their dirty little sister, running around with s*** on my face in combat boots because I can’t walk in heels,” she told the magazine.

    Check out Ke$ha’s photos;
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    She wears nothing but a flag and cowboy boots, but nothing is dirty about her cute school-girl looks when she wears no makeup. She takes on a sweet Lolita look with seductive blue eyes.

    Although some may say she’s a little too rock star to be authentic, she’s as real as it gets in pop music. “Everything I sing, I write,” she said. “Love it or hate it, it all comes from me.”

    These days, she lives part-time in Los Angeles and part-time in Nashville, Tenn., where she grew up and can still be herself with childhood friends.

    “I have wild, wild nights there,” she told the magazine. “But my friends and I are all really private. We get fucking crazy, but you’re not going to see me stumbling out of nightclubs.”

    While she says she eschews fame, she seems to be all about courting notoriety. “I’m just a ballsy motherf****r,” she told Glamour magazine recently. “I’m not afraid of pushing boundaries. That’s what you have to do to become an icon.”

    Has she been talking to Courtney Love?