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  • Ke$ha has her eye on even more dollar signs. Her new album Warrior is in stores and she went on “X-Factor” last night (Dec. 6) to fire up the audience with a performance of “C’Mon,” one of her new songs.

    The 25-year-old singer released the song on YouTube last week ahead of the album’s release.

    Despite selling more than three million copies of her debut album Animal, which opened at No. 1 in January 2010, and knocked British phenom Susan Boyle out of the top spot after five consecutive weeks, she faced a raft of criticism over her singing.

    The snark focused mainly on her reliance on autotune, an electronic device that automatically corrects off-key sounds during vocal recordings or live performances.

    “I got bummed out when I heard that, and so I just really wanted to show people that I can sing; it’s one of the few things I can do,” she said during a recent interview on the Today Show.

    Some critics were also taken aback by her rock star pretentiousness, flamboyant outfits and extensive use of body paint and the crass commercialism of a dollar sign in her name. But she said that all extends from her childhood and produced a photo of herself as a toddler.

    “And, there’s a dollar sign in my name, and it’s real,” she said.

    “C’mon” is a another in a string of dance tunes, although she said she wanted Warrior to be a “cock rock” album inspired by 1970s rock.

    The album was not expected to match Animal’s. It was projected to sell around 80,000 copies its opening week, down about 50 percent from the 1520,000 first week sales for Animal, which has sold 1.4 million copies to date domestically.

    It looks like she lip-synced her performance. There’s one big gaff when she pulls away from the mic and stops moving her mouth while she’s still singing on the track. It comes around 1:24 into the video.

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