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  • Britney Spears fires up the Smurfs in her new video for 'Ooh La La.

    Britney Spears fires up the Smurfs in her new video for ‘Ooh La La.

    Britney Spears, who’s played a sex siren, seductress and slut in various video incarnations over the years, finally gets to play family friendly MILF in her new video for the song “Ooh La La.” It’s part of the soundtrack for the new Smurf’s movie.

    Brit’s kids, Sean Preston and Jayden, with ex-husband Kevin Federline also appear in the video.

    They even get lines. The precocious seven- and six-year-old shout out “cool!” when mom is zapped into the movie and Jayden follows up with a signature “Hi, mom!” when she appears on screen.

    Britney looks better than she’s looked in years, wearing an orange, tennis-style mini dress. Her blonde hair is pleated and tumbles around her shoulders. And, she looks amazingly trim and fit.

    Hopefully she’s in a good place now, because she looks it in the video. The clip opens with her and the kids seated in the movie theater. A magician on-screen zaps a bolt of electricity at Brit and she’s pops up in the middle of a Smurf Village.

    She launches into the tune and appears in between scenes from the movies. She also gets some love from some of the Smurfs.

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