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  • Rita Ora takes off into space in the video for her song “Radioactive.” It’s part “Tron,” part “Star Trek” and unfolds in what looks like a rocking ride through the galaxy. Someone should have told her Katy Perry used the same intergalactic theme for her “E.T.” video.

    The video also has a decided post-Apocalyptic vibe, which seems so popular these days.

    Rita does some dance moves in front of something that looks like a high-tech compass, Then, she spins slowly in a floating chair wearing a tiger-striped coat against a backdrop of space junk and industrial waste.

    Rita skates through the toxic environment while passive guards wear gas masks. She never loses her composure or creases her clothes amid scenes of spewing smoke-stacks.

    In the next scene, she’s wearing a black spandex suit a la “Tron,” before she morphs into a cybernetic head, and then does a turn on a Tron-like motorcycle.

    Ora is the next big thing out of the UK, who has already scored three consecutive No. 1 singles. This is the fifth single off her debut self-titled album Ora. Peep the Syndrome directed the clip.

    Her previously released hits include “Shine Ya Light,” ‘R.I.P.,” “How We Do (Party)” and “Hot Right Now” with DJ Fresh. Ora was released in August and soared to No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart.

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