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  • Billie Joe Armstrong’s Green Day provided a glimpse of their upcoming second album in their three-album set with a short teaser showing the band performing and talking about their upcoming songs.

    The band also unveiled the cover art for ¡Dos! the second of the three albums, entitled ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! (naturally).

    The albums are scheduled for release this fall in two-month intervals starting in September.

    The new cover art features Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt.

    The albums will likely have heavy sexual content. A 34-second trailer promises plenty of “songs about sex.”

    Armstrong said the new set would be “the first time we’ve ever really sung about f—ing.” He also said the album would cover new ground.

    “People ask me all the time. Even my son asked me, ‘Dad, would you ever go back to playing songs like from [1994’s] Dookie and [1992’s] Kerplunk?’ I love those records. I love the punk stuff I grew up on,” he explained.

    “But there are so many bands who make the mistake — ‘We’re going back, old-school.’ Well, that’s all you’re doing. You already did it,” Armstrong told Rolling Stone.

    “So we’re changing the guitar sound,” he added. “We’re not going with the big Marshall-amp thing. We wanted something punchier, more power pop — somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles.”

    Check out the clip below.