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  • David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen are back together again after years of feuding and miffs. They pick up right where they left off with a new song “Tattoo,” a video, album and tour.

    The song is pure Van Halen, with Eddie’s crisp guitar riffs and Roth’s distinctive, insouciant voice. The video is nothing fancy. It showcases the reconstituted band effectively. It was shot last week at The Roxy, according to the band.

    Brother Alex Van Halen is on drums and Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie’s son, plays bass. Wolfgang covers the high notes. Roth is pushing 60 and may not quite be able to get there, anymore. He is famously known for his four-octave voice. There seems to be no stopping the band this time.

    Van Halen played a showcase at New York’s tiny Cafe Wha?, which they used to reveal new album details and plays for a 2012 North American tour. Interscope Records, led by Jimmy Iovine picked up the band in November. The move is rare. Big labels usually steer clear of legacy acts.

    But Van Halen was mega-huge in its prime during the 1980s, and Eddie’s guitar virtuosity is timeless. Roth will sing all of the songs on the band’s new album A Different Kind of Truth. He left the group in 1985 and had a successful solo career with two platinum albums. Eddie has battled the bottle but seems to be on the wagon at the moment.

    There’s no question the band’s explosive rock has staying power. Roth rejoined Van Halen in 2007 for a 40-date North American tour that broke records for the band. It was also one of the highest grossing swings of the year. Roth has stuck with the group ever since.

    The album will be released Feb. 7 to coincide with their tour. It kicks off Feb. 18 in Lousville, Ky. Check out the video below.