Bill Clinton

Rudy Giuliani, a mouthpiece for Donald Trump is facing prosecution. (Photo: Getty)

Rudy Giuliani Got Rich Off Fat-Cat Speaking Fees Just Like Hillary Clinton

Rudy Giuliani, a vocal critic of former Hillary Clinton’s multi-million dollar haul from fat-cat speaking fees, was feeding at the same trough of corporate largess reserved for former politicians. Conflicts of interest abound now that he’s being considered for a cabinet position. Giuliani claimed he was broke with $7,100 to his name following his bitter 2002 divorce from second wife Donna Hanover. He's a member of the one percent now. ...
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Denise Rich, Socialite Songwriter, Flees U.S. Over Taxes

Denise Rich, the wealthy New York socialite who bought her way into the upper echelons of American entertainment and politics has decided it no longer pays to be an American citizen. She’ll reportedly save millions in taxes. In a stunning move that is sure to embarrass her political friends, which include Hillary and Bill Clinton, the ex-wife of rogue billionaire trader Marc Rich, has renounced her U.S. citizenship in favor of becoming an Austrian....