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Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets: Who Looks Like Ball Sack With a Face? (See!)

Jimmy Kimmel harvested some mean Tweets for the latest segment on his show and came up with some pointed doozies, all targeting popular musicians. Guess who could ruin a Denny’s meal, who looks like a ball sack, who looks like a ferret and who’s the Pottery Barn of Rap. Viewers had their pick to mix and match from Nick Jonas, Adam Levine, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Pink, Usher, Alice Cooper and other artists....
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Flaming Lips, Bon Iver Sing 'Ashes in Air' Off New Album (listen!)

The Flaming Lips have gone through the mill, but Wayne Coyne has always been its guiding star. Now he calls on a slew of friends for new album The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends. Lead single “Ashes in the Air” with Bon Iver is their first release. The new record is notable because it will be released on vinyl on Record Store Day (Apr. 21) and because more than a dozen artists collaborate on the double LP set....