Marc Chagall

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Van Gogh, Gauguin, Chagall Headline Rare Phillips Collection Show (photos!)

Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Marc Chagall, and their works will be combined in a new exhibition at the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., bringing together works assembled by two noted Swiss collectors for the first and only time in the United States. The Phillips will exhibit more than 60 celebrated masterpieces by titans of the modern art movement. All were created during the mid-19th and 20th centuries....
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Hildebrand Gurlitt, Notorious Nazi Art Thief, Surfaces in Art Probe

Hildebrand Gurlitt hailed from a family that was well known in artistic circles in pre-World War II Germany. His father was an architect and art historian, one brother was a musicologist and a nephew was an art dealer. But a deep, dark secret set him apart. During World War II, Gurlitt, a specialist in modern art, was hired by Joseph Goebbels, the feared Nazi propaganda minister, to loot priceless artworks from homes and museums across Nazi-occupied Europe....