We Take Care of Our Own

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Bruce Springsteen's Second Coming as Seminal Rock Voice

Bruce Springsteen's performance on Jimmy Fallon's show this week in advance of his new album, Wrecking Ball convinces me that his newest effort is not only his best work yet, but that he has indeed become the voice of a generation. Honestly, no one writes like him anymore; it's pure, unadulterated craftsmanship. And, his rag-tag E Street Band is just totally in sync; they're flawless in their execution....
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Bruce Springsteen Lives Up to the Hype of Early Years

Bruce Springsteen’s new single “We Take Care of Our Own” is his best record … ever. Anthemic, moving, emotional, and just plain sensational. It could well be the first great record of this nascent year. I have a funny dynamic with Springsteen. When he first hit, and hit big, I had a real hard time getting beyond all the hype. Remember, he was on the front covers of both Time and Newsweek, on Oct. 27, 1975....