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  • In a cartoon version of himself, Donald Trump gets a visit from presidents past on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. (Photo: ScreenCap)

    Stephen Colbert apparently couldn’t swing Alec Baldwin to do his Donald Trump impression for a cold open, so he did the next best thing. He used an animated version of the president to illustrated a late night visit from two very different chief executives.

    Both past presidents equally bad outcomes, but for different reasons. Is there a real warning in this for The Donald?

    The bit opens with Trump in bed. After watching the news, he’s primed for his latest Twitter rant.

    “Time for my most tremendous Tweet storm yet,” the president declares.

    But he can’t seem to come up with any ideas. “Yaaa! I can’t get my Tweet up!” he grunts. “Tweetus Interruptus!”

    That’s when a ghostly apparition of late President Richard Nixon suddenly appears. Tricky Dick has some advice for the president: When in doubt make it up.

    “There’s no reason to be scared, Donald,” Nixon says hauntingly. “You just have to flip the switch. For instance, I heard that President Obama tapped your phones.”

    “Just Tweet that and the hounds are off your trail.”

    Just then, the ghost of President Lincoln appears. “Don’t listen to Nixon. He was the one who tapped the phones in Watergate,” Abe warned.

    Who do you think Trump listened to?

    Check out the video below.