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  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony owe millions of dollars in back taxes, despite earning millions every year in income from music, product endorsements and clothing and perfume lines.

    What’s more, the celebrity couple appears to be perennial deadbeats, according to gossip site, Radaronline.

    Anthony was bill by Uncle Sam or the state for $1.8 million and $1.6 million in unpaid taxes, and property taxes on his posh Hamptons estate.

    But that was only the latest dunning. Three years ago, Anthony was ordered to pay $2.5 million in back tax bills, covering ar four-year period.

    Lopez reportedly grosses $20 million a year and her fashion companies are estimated to be worth $225 million, according to a 2008 tally by People magazine.

    Anthony reportedly makes around $11 million a year and the couple has splurged on such high end investments as a stake in the NFL’s Miami Dolphins football team.

    Lopez, 40, is in the midst of a musical comeback that has been floundering of late. Her latest album did not sell well.

    Still, given their earnings, maybe the tax bill seems like a drop in the bucket.