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  • The Police Benevolent Association’s party for police widows and orphans attracted a number of top celebrities from Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel to Colin Quinn and up-and-coming singer Dayme.

    I’ve been going to the event since it began in 2001, after the tragic days in September of that year when the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed by terrorists.

    It began as a tremendously moving memorial, but now all these years later, has grown into a joyous celebration of life. Many of the kids I met back then, have grown into terrific young adults and life has begun anew for them.

    At this year’s event, held at Bridgewater’s at South Street Seaport in NYC, the bold-faced names included, DeNiro, Keitel, Quinn, Tony Sirrico, Tony Danza, Tony LoBianco, Colin Quinn, Burt Young, and a singer I’ve had my eye on for some time, Dayme.

    Thanks to the PBA’s Pat Lynch and Mike Morgillo for a wonderful time, and Dayme manager David Salidor for inviting us along.

    Homland’s Solid Debut

    Showtime’s “Homeland” ended its first-season run last night with a simply-terrific and stirring 90-minute episode. If you’ve missed this show, you’ve missed one truly spectacular TV moment.

    It does seem all the best drama is on cable. All of this year’s Golden Globes nominees in the drama category were cable shows, literally giving the middle-finger to network TV. “Homeland” is among the nominees.

    “Homeland” tells the story of a marine held captive for eight years, and suspected of been turned into a possible terrorist. I won’t tell what happened, but the answer was finally revealed in dramatic fashion in the season finale.

    The episode set up the show for season two. Damien Lewis stars in a dramatic tour-de-force. He was so good too in last year’s “Life.”

    Claires Danes and Mandy Patinkin star as well and deliver just stunning performances, especially Patinkin, who’s character just grew and grew. Again, if you haven’t seen it, go out and rent this first season on DVD.

    If this show is the favorite of President Obama, as has been stated, then he’s got good taste indeed! Must-see TV for sure.


    Here are My Picks Adele/21; Robbie Robertson/How To become Clairvoyant; Paul Simon/So Beatutiful or So What; The Black Keys/El Camino; Adrian Niles Band/Roll & Move; Tom Waits/Bad as Me; Florence + The Machine/Ceremonials; Peter Gabriel/New Blood; Bryan Ferry/Olympia.

    BEST BOOKS OF 2011

    “I Want My MTV” by Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum; “Le Freak” by Nile Rodgers; “Fire and Rain” by David Browne; “Where The Action Is” by Freddy Cannon


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