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  • Kristen Stewart rides hard, fights hard and falls hard for her charming prince in the new international trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Plus Charlize Theron’s looks really evil! But in a hot, sexy way.

    The first trailer, aimed at domestic markets, was released last month. The new international version has been tweaked and is slightly shorter in length.

    Most noticeably, the voice over is different in the opening sequence. The domestic version features Theron as the evil queen.

    Check out new movie posters; click to enlarge.

    The international clip is narrated by the Huntsman, played by Chris Hemsworth. Stewart gets more screen time in the clip as well.

    Theron is featured in both clips, but to a lesser extent in the global version. She may well steal the film from Stewart, who has received most of the publicity during filming.

    Theron’s portrayal of the evil queen, who thrives on the misery of her subjects, is eerie and alluring at the same time. “Beauty is my power,” the queen says in the first trailer.

    The trailers also depart in scene sequence. The first opens with battle scenes, while the second flashes on battle scenes and then cuts to the evil queen.

    The sequence where the evil queen stares into a magic mirror and asks who is the fairest in the land has been shifted around as well. The queen dispatches the Huntsman (Hemsworth) to murder Snow White and return with her heart.

    The movie looks like it will be a powerful portrayal of medieval lore with the same look and feel as the 1981 dramatic fantasy “Excalbur,” a re-telling of the Legend of King Arthur.

    The film was noted for its rich imagery, and Snow White looks like it will deliver on that score.

    Check out images above and the new video; click it to go.