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Peter Reckell Returns to Broadway's 'The Fantasticks' After 35 Years 2

Peter Reckell Returns to Broadway’s ‘The Fantasticks’ After 35 Years

Peter Reckell has performed in soap operas, television series and theater in his long career, though it has been quite some time since he took to the New York stage to sing. In fact, it was thirty-five years ago. But he’s returning to his theatrical roots in The Fantasticks. He returned to the long-running, modern, musical twist on Romeo and Juliet, on Sept 5, this time with career defining experience under his belt. ...
Amanda Seyfried: The Truth About Popsicles, Her Lovelace Fears 6

Amanda Seyfried: The Truth About Popsicles, Her Lovelace Fears

Amanda Seyfried plays the riskiest and most risque role of her career as Linda Lovelace in the shocking biopic about the ’70s porn star, who started the sexual revolution with her ground-breaking movie “Deep Throat.” In a wide-ranging interview with TheImproper she talks about her controversial nude scenes, her biggest fears from shooting the racy film, and something she absolutely never wants her dad to see. She also talks about what it took to get into the part...
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Jack Black, Richard Linklater Talk Bernie Behind-the-Scenes

Jack Black may be known best for his comedic roles in such films as “School of Rock,” “Nacho Libre” and “Tropic Thunder,” but he sheds all stereotypes with his current dark comedy “Bernie.” Black reunites with “School of Rock” Director Richard Linklater in the real-life story of Bernie Tiede, who was convicted of murder in Texas. Black and Linklater spoke exclusively with TheImproperabout making the documentary-style film....