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  • Jennifer Lopez drives her Fiat into the middle of another controversy.

    Jennifer Lopez has driven into a mess of bad publicity. Her commercial for automaker Fiat has spawned a backlash against the star, again. This time over the company’s ties to Iran’s nuclear program.

    Advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran was apparently spurned after it wrote to the singer, asking her to disavow her endorsement deal with Fiat. The company provides trucks used to transport Iran’s ballistic missiles. So now the group has released a devastating video.

    Jennifer Lopez Loses It on Stage

    The clip parses Lopez’s commercial, where she’s pictured driving a Fiat, with scenes of the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown against protesters.  In the video, posted on YouTube and rapidly going viral,  Lopez appears to drive blithely past bloodied protesters and street hangings.

    “They hired me to convince Americans to buy their cars,” a woman intones in a voice over. “I wish Fiat had told me they also sell to Iran. Fiat sells cars, trucks, and other equipment on the streets of Iran … I would never want that on my block, but Fiat does pay me millions.”

    Jennifer Lopez Triggers Cyprus Uproar

    It’s not the first time that Lopez has made a mess of international relations. She agreed to sing at a hotel opening in Turkish occupied Cyprus on the 36th anniversary of the island’s Turkish invasion. Greek Cypriot groups went ballistic. She later canceled her appearance.