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  • Randy Newman, a singer-songwriter known for his sarcasm, is speaking the unspeakable about the current presidential election. Or rather, he’s singing it. His new song, “I’m Dreaming” is an ode to those longing for a white president, again.

    Make no mistake, Newman, 68, is an openly avowed supporter of President Barack Obama. He just thought it was time someone broached one of the unspoken issues in the election… with humor.

    “I felt that that sentiment exists in the country,” Newman told The Associated Press. “I don’t know how many people you can get to admit it. I think maybe zero.”

    Newman follows his trademark style in his latest song. He often voices his causes from the opposing point of view. His 1972 song “Sail Away” about slavery, is sung by a slave trader who is trying to convince potential captives how attractive it is to be a slave.

    In another song about conservatives, titled “Political Science,” he sings the part of an ultra-U.S. nationalist who complains about the ingratitude of the world toward America and proposes a brutally ironic final solution.

    And, one of his most popular lamentations “Short People” is sung from the point of view of someone who hates…short people.

    Among his more straight-forward works, Newman has written the soundtracks for more than a dozen films, including “Ragtime,” “The Natural,” “Leatherheads” and “Meet the Parents.” He’s won two Academy Awards, three Emmys and five Grammys.

    While he feels racism is still a strong undercurrent in American society, he’s nonetheless proud that Obama got elected.”No European country would have elected a black man,” he said. “I can’t believe it happened. I think it’s fantastic, like a step on the moon.”

    Check out the video for his song below.