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  • Carrie Underwood tackles a country music staple in her new video for “Blown Away, a hard drinking man who abuses the womenfolk. In this case it’s Carrie who plays the mean man’s daughter. But fate has a way of evening things out.

    It doesn’t take long to figure out the video is a take-off of “The Wizard of Oz.” A tornado is a major catalyst in the clip, plus Carrie drops a couple of other hints, for those who don’t get it right off the bat.

    “We wanted to create this modern-day, tragic Wizard of Oz mini-movie,” the singer told E!News. But there are a few twists.

    In the video, Carrie lives under the thumb of her abusive, alcoholic father, who has enough self-hatred stored up to light a small city. Carrie seems trapped until a tornado looms ominously on the horizon. She secretly prays for it to blow down her house.

    She tries to rouse her father, stretched out on the couch, but he’s too drunk to wake up. With the tornado pressing down, Carrie has a choice to make. She leaves her father in the flimsy wood-frame house and heads for the storm cellar herself.

    She spends a few bars rationalizing the decision as the storm roars overhead, recalling in her mind all of the gross and hurtful things her father did to her… and himself. “Some people called it taking shelter. She called it sweet revenge,” she sings.

    Oddly the power never goes out. But, hey, it’s a video right? In the end, Carrie emerges from the cellar to a bright sun-lit sky reflecting off the green pasture, her dog at her side. (how did he survive?) The house is blown away; over the rainbow maybe?

    Check out the video below.