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  • BretMichaels-MileyCyrusTeen sensation Miley Cyrus, who has pledged to remain a virgin until she marries, sings her most sexually provocative song yet, dueting with heavy metal bad boy Bret Michaels on newly released single “Nothing to Lose.”

    Miley, who just turned 17 and is still a minor, sings seductively with the former heavy metal Poison frontman, who is 46, old enough to be her father. Here’s one verse from the song:

      “Tonight in the darkness there’s nothing to lose

      We both know better than this, still we can’t resist

      Slowly get undressed.”

    Miley is also recording a cover of Poison’s hit rock ballad “Every Rose Has its Thorn.”

    Beside being underage, Cyrus’ provocative episodes, which range from racy photos leaked onto the Internet to near nipple slips in public, fly in the face of her professed born-again Christian, family values philosophy.

    Miley’s free-spiritedness has been lauded by some and condemned by others, but she appears to be showing no signs of curbing her behavior.

    To the contrary, her overt sexuality is becoming more evident with every appearance, whether its her risque pole dance move at the American Music Awards, or the sexy bikini and wet tee-shirt shots in her new movie, “The Last Song.”

    Among the lyrics of the song:

      So close your eyes just for tonight,

      She says, let this be all right, all right

      And then she falls down on me,

      So close I can feel your breathe

      Tonight in the darkness with nothing to lose

      If the truth is all we can see,

      If I fall for you,

      Would you fall for me.

    Hot Stuff….Can’t wait to see the video.