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  • naomi juddCountry music veteran Naomi Judd says critics of Taylor Swift’s Grammy performance are missing the forest for the trees. Swift not only sings well enough, but has built a huge fan following with her evocative songs. And, hey, Taylor dresses well, too.

    Judd makes up half of county music’s most successful mother-daughter sining duo. With daughter Wynonna, the Judds had 20 top hits and won five Grammy Awards. Naomi has also won a Grammy for writing the country song of the year, “Love Can Build A Bridge.”

    In short, she knows the business.

    Naomi, 64, penned a letter to the editor of Nashville newspaper, The Tennessean, calling Swift “multi-talented” and “a dazzling performer.”

    In addition, “Taylor single-handedly introduced country music to a much-welcomed younger demographic and generated international interest.”

    Judd’s short letter did a much better job of putting Swift’s performance in context, than her hapless manager, who all but acknowledged that Swift has problems singing.

    “Maybe she’s not the best technical singer, but she’s probably the best emotional singer because everybody else who gets up there and is technically perfect, people don’t seem to want more of it,” he wrote in an op-ed article in The Tennessean.

    Here’s what Naomi had to say:

      Remember the puzzles, “What’s wrong with this picture?” You search for faults, ignoring the overall larger picture.

      Reference Taylor Swift. Multi-talented, she not only sings well enough to strike a chord with a huge audience, Taylor single-handedly introduced country music to a much-welcomed younger demographic and generated international interest.

      She writes, dances, acts and is a dazzling performer. Taylor is the best-dressed young female artist today, in league with Hollywood’s most glamorous stars.

      When I met her I was impressed by her sincere transparent niceness. Taylor’s a lovely young lady.

      Having sung many times at the Grammys, I can tell you that the stress and anxiety of performing in front of the world’s top artists in every genre of music is tortuous for even the most seasoned singer.

      Smarts, manners and class. Why can’t fault-finders see that she is a sorely needed role model? We’re aware of how lyrics and musicians can influence our society. If America ever needed positive role models, it’s now.

      If there’s an award for being the best role model for her generation, I’d like to be the one to give it to Taylor Swift.”