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  • Maren Morris Playboy

    Maren Morris says posing for Playboy is all about accepting body issues. (Photo: Maren Morris/Instagram)

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    Maren Morris is achy breaking the hearts of some country music fans with her decision to pose for Playboy magazine (you know what that means) but says it’s all about “body positivity,” which just happens to be the name of her new album.

    If Morris was looking for publicity to help kick off album sales she got it. Some fans, however, were not happy.

    “Maren Morris blocked me back in 2014 because I called her out on some old videos I found of her when she was in porn. Now here it is 2019 and she does a Playboy Shoot. The irony…,” wrote one critic on Twitter.

    “From blatant sexism pushing GirlPower! gender discrimination to a bad attitude toward her fans & customers, immature #MarenMorris is a poor representative of country music and females everywhere,” wrote another Twitter critic.

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    The 29-year-old singer was having none of it. She said she “can’t wait” to see her topless Playboy photos when the magazine is published next week. She’s already teasing some of the photos on her social media accounts.

    Dolly Parton covered Playboy in 1978. (Photo: Playboy)

    “Some can slut-shame me for my lyrics about sex, and you can put me in your little box, but I just want to live and love,” she wrote on Instagram.

    The ‘Middle’ hitmaker is married to fellow country star Ryan Hurd, who is also defending her decision on social media.

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    Morris’s six photo spread will be featured in the magazine’s “Gender and Sexuality” issue. Yes, even Playboy is all about gender equality these days.

    She’ll also be interviewed about her new album, body positivity, sex and women in country music.

    “The thing about me is, I make music for myself. I learned later that it touches others, which is the most wonderful byproduct of a songwriter’s calling,”she added.

    “I recently accepted myself and will put these photos in a frame because I’ll never have this moment back. Can’t wait for you to read my interview with @playboy in their ‘Gender + Sexuality’ issue next week. I drop some truth too,” she said.

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    She blasted country music for its “stereotyped” view of women as innocent and “virginal”.

    The Grammy-winner thinks it’s naive that artists in the genre are often put into “religious” or “virginal conservative.”

    She is urging other female singers to release “sexy” songs to prove they can be just as “sexual” as pop stars.

    Morris isn’t new to the controversy.

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    In June a year ago, she clapped back at body shamers who were trolling her on Instagram over her outspoken views on sexuality.

    Critics were reacting to a revealing photo showing her wearing a deep plunging body suit, shorts and cowboy boots.

    She wrote on the social media site:

    “I refuse to ever, EVER be ashamed of the body God gave me. I’m proud to be Irish, Native American, English… proud of my cellulite and proud of my strong back + arms. I worked my ass off on my body the last few months, and I’m proud to show that work. All day little girls + boys are measuring themselves against societal shame & fake photoshopped bodies on Instagram.

    “So what I guess I’m saying is, I didn’t choose to be a role model for body-shaming, judgmental nobodies; I LOVE being a role model for kids and anyone who’s just trying to figure out how to love themselves every day. Screw the haters and eat your damn cheeseburger,” she said, adding some words to live by at the end with #StrongNotSkinny.

    Nor is she the only country music star who has appeared in the men’s magazine.

    Country music icon Dolly Parton was featured on the cover of Playboy in 1978, before Morris was even born. But she kept her clothes on.

    Parton was actually the first country singer ever to pose for a Playboy cover.

    In all more than a dozen pop stars and celebrities have appeared in Playboy since Dolly Parton’s day, including Mariah Carey, Nancy Sinatra, Halsey and others.