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  • Donald Trump rolled at some old and new lies at his Louisiana rally. (Photo:

    Donald Trump rolled out some old and new lies at his Louisiana rally. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    Donald Trump long ago lost touch with reality. Nowhere was that more evident than his Louisiana rally last night.Trump lies and misstatements flew so fast, fact checkers could barely keep up, according to Daniel Dale, who live-tweeted the president’s speech for CNN.

    “He is saying false/misleading/bizarre things in rapid succession, faster than I can type,” Dale wrote at one point.

    Trump Sociopathic Lying Is Bad, But Mass Psychosis of His Base Is Worse

    Trump’s lies and misstatements included a number of old chestnuts and some new ones, mostly focused on the impeachment inquiry and the Ukraine scandal.

    One fact is indisputable: The president has spouted oceans of lies since taking office. The president’s penchant for making up facts to fit his narrative was evident during the 2016 campaign and has continued for his first 1,000 days in office.

    The story: “Donald Trump Lying So Fast at Louisiana Rally Fact Checkers Barely Kept Up” first appeared in the government and politics website Money & Power.

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