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    Donald Trump’s final days in office are mired in election scandal and coronavirus mismanagement. (Photo: Getty)

    The COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of abating throughout the Southern and Midwestern states where Republican governors rushed to reopen local economies at the urging of President Donald Trump.

    It was a catastrophic blunder.

    “When this is all done, the governors who did all this, enabling the spread of the disease, doubling down when the consequences became apparent, need to be held accountable, People died because of their recklessness. Mistakes are one thing, this is far more and far worse,” tweeted Norm Orenstein, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

    Per-capita case/death rates are a factor. But the point is some states did too little until the pandemic hit crisis levels. Other states took aggressive steps, but they were hit early on and overwhelmed during the early days of the pandemic when info was limited.

    If COVID-19 is a war, these are the federal, state and media war criminals who have plunged the nation deeper into the crisis through incompetence, malfeasance or reckless disregard of all scientific evidence.

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