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  • chrispine-zacaryquinto-startrek-frontChris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk in the new “Star Trek Into Darkness,” led cast members for the film’s premiere in Hollywood premiere at the Dolby theater earlier this week. The film goes nationwide this weekend and advance buzz is strongly positive.

    Pine was joined by Zachary Quinto who plays Spock, and the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, who looked fit and posed with his wife, Susan. Nimoy reprises his role as Spock.

    Karl Urban, who plays Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura and actor John Cho, who plays Sulu, also walked a white carpet along with crew and even a few stars from “Star Trek’s” past.

    Star Trek Star-Studded Hollywood Premiere

    “Star Trek Into Darkness” co-writer and producer Alex Kurtzman was joined by Alice Eve, who plays Dr. Carol Marcus, Peter Weller, who plays Admiral Marcus and Bruce Greenwood, who plays Adm. Christopher Pike.

    Star Trek veterans from previous film and television adaptations included Jennifer Morrison, who played Kirk’s mother in the 2009 “Star Trek” movie walked the red carpet along with LeVar Burton, who played Geordi La Forge in the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” television series and movies.

    Fetching actress Kate Beckinsale, who has her own hit sci-fi movie series, and Lea Thompson were also spotted on the red carpet.

    In the latest film Kirk and the starship Enterprise go on a galaxy jumping manhunt for the leader of a terrorist attack on StarFleet. Kirk’s skill as a captain are tested as the pursuit leads time into a world at war.

    “I think a lot of maturing happens in this film for Kirk, for a man who thinks he knows everything and leads with his gut and leads with his heart, and is all kind of passion and heart,” Pine said during a recent interview. “He’s a man that has to learn to censor himself.”

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