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  • Selena Gomez wants fans to send her their dance moves to 'Come and Get It.'

    Selena Gomez wants fans to send her their dance moves to ‘Come and Get It.’

    Selena Gomez works it in a newly released behind-the-scenes rehearsal clip for her hot “Come and Get It” video. She hits to the floor with “her girls” to polish their sexy Hindu-inspired routine. And she wants to see your moves!

    “Me and my girls back at it in the studio, but with my own tunes this time : )” show wrote in a note accompanying the video.

    “Thanks to @ChaeLynne and @gwenysloco for choreographing and @benrenschen for putting a fun spin on it!

    “Hope you guys are dancing along, send us your versions we’ll feature some on twitter. XOXO,” she added.

    Selena, who turns 21 in July wears a sexy black tank top that’s tied in front to reveal her bare midriff. She compliments the look with black sweatpants. All the girls are dressed down in their street clothes for the rehearsal. And do they work up a sweat.

    Gomez shows off her belly dancing prowess and revealed how much work goes into a video production. The minute-long video opens with the girls practicing various moves on their own.

    Then the scene cuts to a full-on rehearsal as Selena and the girls dance in unison to her song. Later they take a break and goof on one of the big fans used to cool the room. The sing into it to hear it vibrate their voices.

    Selena released the video May 7, and it’s already received more than 20 million views on YouTube. It’s her sexiest, most mature effort yet, and she calls it the best video she’s ever made.

    “I honestly feel like it’s the best video I’ve done,” Selena told fans during an MTV interview.

    The clip plays off New Age spirituality and Eastern religion, with earth, wind water and fire, the ancient forces of life, as a theme.

    Check out the rehearsal footage below and follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest Selena updates you can trust. Also check out her “Come and Get It” video here.