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  • Renee Olstead, the acting and singing phenom, who cut her first jazz record at 15, sizzles in new photos, at least new to the Internet, supposedly in advance of a new EP.

    Olstead, 23, may be best known for her role as Madison Cooperstein in “Secret Life Of An American Teenager.” ABC Family renewed the series for a 5th season in February.

    The actress has appeared in 61 episodes of the show and recently had roles in two films, made for television movie “Bling Ring” and “The Midnight Game,” about a group of teens who get trapped in a haunted house.

    Check out Reneee’s photos; click to enlarge.

    A.D. Calvo directs the supernatural thriller and Olstead plays the leads role as Kaitlan. It’s scheduled for release in 2013.

    Olstead surfaced a year ago with some freaky pics of her with snakes an an apple, a play off the biblical theme of original sin. The snakes turned out to be her pets, Beetleguese, a Boa, and Lydia, a California King Snake.

    Olsead also said she is a “devout vegetarian, pit-bull mommy and proud owner of a very bad-ass ’65 Chevelle Malibu SS named ‘Lolita.’”

    She also has the coolest taste in music; she’s a jazz afficionado. Her singing style has been likened to great jazz vocalists Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.

    Her last album, Skylark, was released in 2009. She’s reportedly working on a new EP, but not much has been reported about it. These photos just went viral, and if they’re any indication, it’s going to be a hot set of tracks. Check them out above.