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  • Melissa Rivers was the guest of honor at a book party in New York City, May13, to help launch her new book about her mother, The Book of Joan. (Photo by Fredy Mfuko Mission)

    Melissa Rivers was the guest of honor at a book party in New York City, May13, to help launch ‘The Book of Joan,’ about her mother. (Photo by Fredy Mfuko Mission)

    Melissa Rivers, daughter of the late Joan Rivers, was the guest of honor at an event hosted by Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein, better known as The Moms, to mark the publication of Melissa’s new book.

    The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, And Manipulation” is a behind-the-scenes look at Melissa’s celebrated mother-daughter relationship.

    Guests at the event, hosted in conjunction with Chevy Tri-State, were served a delicious menu from the newly-opened Juniper Bar, a sophisticated, multi-leveled restaurant and entertainment space in Midtown West in Manhattan.

    Melissa Rivers Honored at Book Party
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    Melissa held court in the exclusive downstairs VIP lounge and talked about growing up with her mother and their deep personal bond. “Our mother-daughter relationship was so real. Everyone saw a bit of themselves in our relationship,” she said.

    Among the anecdotes she shared, Melissa talked about how her mother scooped up her newborn, Cooper, and took off with him, declaring that he was now her “favorite accessory.”

    Joan Rivers was an iconic comedian who paved the way for women in comedy–the hard way. She worked in stand-up in New York, while a comedy writer for Johnny Carson. She became a legend in her six-decade career.

    The 81-year-old comedian died in September last year during a routine medical procedure. Melissa has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctors and medical clinic where she was being treated.

    Until then, she was indefatigable. in the 2010 television documentary, “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” revealed how hard Joan worked to stay in the game.

    Melissa told the audience her mother was no ordinary workaholic and had energy unlike any other person she knew. Melissa has the added burden of being a celebrity daughter, which means she’s had to work just as hard to achieve success.

    “You may get the interview, but you may not get the job. If you get the job, you have to work ten times harder to prove yourself because people are going to think you got the job because of who you know,” she said.

    “She always said that this too shall pass. When things are good and bad, appreciate it, or know you’re going to get through it, because it doesn’t last.”

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