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  • Justin Bieber put in a workman like performance on the drums to close out the 'Late, Late Show' after musical guest Tori Kelly. (Photo:  ScreenCap)

    Justin Bieber put in a workman like performance on the drums to close out the ‘Late, Late Show’ after musical guest Tori Kelly. (Photo: ScreenCap)

    Justin Bieber has been called a lot of things, but nobody has ever called him untalented. He slipped into the drummer’s seat with Reggie Watts and the band on the “Late Late Show With James Corden” and kept a mean beat while Watts sang. What a guy!

    Bieber, who was a creep in an 18-month run of loutish behavior, is now slowly creeping back into everyone’s good graces.

    He’s on what could be called the “Humble Tour.” He’s been out to show true humility to atone for acting out. He’s apologized at least twice on Ellen, sat through a roast and apologized again in a new interview.

    Now he seems to be reminding people just how talented he really is.

    Last night, he jumped behind the drums without fanfare and no prior announcement on the show. Well almost no announcement.

    Earlier in the evening, manager Scooter Braun put the word out on Twitter: “make sure u watch the @latelateshow tonight!! @ToriKelly is insane!!!

    “And I think @justinbieber was on the drums of the house band. Lol,” he added about the show, which was pre-taped that afternoon.

    Cordon also couldn’t keep a secret. “You might also spot @justinbieber on drums at the end!!!!” he Tweeted.

    And there he was, wearing a grey, zip-up hoodie, working the skins.

    Bieber wasn’t actually there to perform community service. He is helping to promote the night’s music act Tori Kelly. Like Bieber, she was discovered on YouTube and has signed with Braun.

    She sang “Nobody Love” off her new album Unbreakable Smile. It will hit stores on June. 23. Kelly is only 22, but she’s no neophyte. She signed with Geffen Records at the age of 12, but the contract was short lived.

    She’s been singing since on YouTube she was 14 and appeared on the television show “Star Search” in 2004. She was also a contestant on Season 9 of “American Idol.”

    She made it to Hollywood, but was eliminated before reaching the “Top 24,” who go on to perform on the show.

    All that’s behind her now with Bieber and Braun in her corner. She’s only one catchy song from becoming the next Carly Rae Jepsen, also a Bieber protege.

    Check out her performance and Bieber on the drums below. Let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest Music News.