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  • Jennifer Lopez cranks it up in her latest video with Iggy Azalea. (Photo: ScreenCap)

    Jennifer Lopez is not pregnant judging by the washboard abs she flashed in her latest video.

    Some reports recently claimed Jennifer was pregnant again, but she shut down that speculation after spotlighting her ripped abs while posing for a photo with a young fan.

    Lopez, who has two children, recently celebrated her 47th birthday at a star-studded party in Las Vegas that included Kim KardashianMaria Menounos and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Her jaw-dropping dance moves (see video) also belie tabloid reports that she’s pregnant.

    Jennifer, who appears to be aging backwards, recently lost 10 pounds with a vegan diet and looks hotter than ever.

    Lopez’s fitness and weight loss secrets are a mostly vegan diet and fat-blasting workouts with celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson.

    Jennifer does the Tracy Anderson Method, which includes muscular structure work and between nine and 13 different exercises.

    Tracy, who also trains Gwyneth Paltrow, revealed her weight loss secrets in her bestselling book, Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method.

    Lopez is no longer 100 percent vegan, but sticks to a mostly vegan diet because it has motivated her to eat more vegetables.

    “Even if you’re 70 to 80 percent vegan, it’s so much better having those vegetables, greens, and plant-based stuff,” said Jennifer. “It’s going to change your life and health.”

    Lopez, who’s divorced from singer Marc Anthony, is at peace and happy with her life after suffering through some high-profile breakups (such as ex-fiance Ben Affleck).

    Looking back, JLo said she learned a lot and became a wiser, stronger person as a result of the difficult times she weathered.

    “The adversity you come across in life may cause pain, but with pain comes growth and the opportunity to rise to the occasion as your strongest, best self,” Lopez wrote in her memoir, True Love.

    “You have to take care of yourself: your body, your mind, your soul. Be your own keeper.”