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  • Brittany Kerr is the first contestant to generate significant buzz following her debut on American Idol. Fans are crashing Web sites in a rush to find out more about her and check out her photos.

    Surprisingly, however, judge’s were somewhat subdued by her performance. Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler were impressed enough to send her through to Hollywood. “I say yes!” Tyler said jokingly as she walked into the room.

    But Jennifer Lopez voted her down. Does this mean Kerr may have trouble with female fans? Lopez seemed to be bothered by her hot looks. But viewers seemed to disagree.

    Check out Brittany’s photos; click to enlarge.

    They were so taken with her model good looks and stunning body they crashed her management company’s Web site trying to find photos of her. The stunning 24-year-old blonde is a cheerleader and dancer for the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team.

    “We were prepared for it to be big, it just exceeded our expectations,” said Chandler Harrelson about the surge in traffic that overwhelmed her management company’s site. “We were monitoring the traffic as she appeared on the show, and as soon as her name was displayed on the screen, boom, traffic shot through the roof, with thousands of simultaneous users per second.”

    Photographer Jim Merrill, who photographed Kerr in a bikini, told gossip site TMZ, he had to scramble to buy additional bandwidth for his Web site to handle the traffic.

    On Wednesday night’s show, Kerr sang UK blues artist Joss Stone’s song “Spoiled.” While her voice was weak, both Tyler and Jackson found enough to like.

    “I like it. I like your melody. You’re on pitch and you’re good looking,” said Tyler.

    “Great. That did it for me. I think there’s something there she can develop,” Jackson added.

    “American Idol” debuted for its 11th season on Wednesday (Jan. 18). Tyler and Lopez seemed much more comfortable in their roles as judges. By now, they should have the drill down. And last night, they seemed to be more relaxed and spontaneous as a new crop of contestants paraded in front of them.

    The show is facing competition from “The Voice,” NBC’s talent reality show. It debuted last April. Simon Cowell is also hovering in the background with Paula Abdul on Fox’s “X Factor.”

    But so far, AI seems to be on its game. All it needs are a few more contestants like Kerr. Check out her photos.