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  • Taylor Swift has released a new song, 'Sweeter Than Fiction.' It's off the One Chance movie soundtrack.

    Taylor Swift has released a new song, ‘Sweeter Than Fiction.’ It’s off the One Chance movie soundtrack.

    Taylor Swift’s new song, “Sweeter Than Fiction,” off the soundtrack for movie “One Chance” has been released in iTunes and is making its way viral on the Internet. The bouncy tune has a definite ’80s pop vibe in keeping with the film’s story about “Britain’s Got Talent” winner Paul Potts.

    Taylor co-wrote the song with guitarist Jack Antonoff specifically for the movie. It won’t appear on her album, but it’s featured on the “One Chance,” movie soundtrack album.

    The upbeat song mirrors Potts unlikely win on the British talent show and his rise to fame afterward. The country songbird sings:

    “There you stand, 10 feet tall
    I will say, ‘I knew it all along’
    Your eyes are wider than distance
    This life is sweeter than fiction.”

    Swift was moved enough by the song to talk about it at the Toronto Film Festival.

    You’re expecting to go in and see a movie of someone who makes his dreams come true, but what you don’t realize is you’re actually being told a story of the love his wife … has for him,” Swift said. “That was the story that hit me and really affected me.”

    British actor James Corden plays Potts, a warehouse manager who dreams of becoming an opera singer. He wins “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2007. The song, however, doesn’t play in the movie until the end credits. Go Figure. Seems like it should have gotten more prominence.

    Theodore Shapiro scored soundtrack of the David Frankel-directed film. He’s best known for directing “The Devil Wears Prada” with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep.

    Check out the tune below and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest Taylor Swift news you can trust.

    Footnote: The film opens this Friday, Oct 25.