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  • Miley Cyrus belted out her hit song 'Wrecking Ball' with a giant kitty looming in the background. Did it work?

    Miley Cyrus belted out her hit song ‘Wrecking Ball’ with a giant kitty looming in the background. Did it work? (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

    Miley Cyrus gave an emotional performance of her hit song “Wrecking Ball” at the American Music Awards, but her performance was trivialized by the image of a giant singing kitten superimposed in the background.

    Hopefully, Miley was in on the joke. She’s known to be a good sport. Judging by her outfit she was.

    Miley wore a bikini outfit with bottoms that were high cut and exposed most of her hips. It was printed with tiny kitten faces.

    Otherwise, it was pretty mocking. At one point, the cat dominated the screen and Miley was reduced to a tiny character in the corner. And, it wasn’t even funny!

    The AMAs must have felt a need to take some of the edge off of Miley’s performance by leavening it with a little humor. The song is a super power ballad, and Miley performed it mostly nude in her video.

    She was also coming off a controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, which sparked a nationwide debate over her risque moves on stage. The far more conservative AMAs apparently didn’t want a repeat.

    At least Miley kept her clothes on. But the giant kitty was a fail.

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