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  • After fronting for the band Tally Hall, Rob Cantor is going solo with the debut of his first album this month.

    After fronting for the band Tally Hall, Rob Cantor is going solo with the debut of his first album this month.

    Rob Cantor first found the national spotlight as a singer-songwriter in the Michigan-rooted quintet Tally Hall. With four lead vocalists (and five songwriters), the band’s unique, genre-bending sound and highly-cerebral music videos helped cultivate a cult following that seemed to put them on a fast-track to success.

    Their popularity led to a record deal with Atlantic Records and the release of their debut studio album, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

    Atlantic also funded a sketch-comedy web series titled “Tally Hall Internet Show,” written, directed, edited and starring the band members.

    Rob Cantor’s Highly Cerebral Music Videos

    But just as things looked like they were happening, Atlantic fired the A&R guy who signed Tally Hall around the time of album release.

    Multiple appearances on “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson,” followed and their music was featured on shows like “American Idol” and “The O.C.”

    The band also toured cross-country beside OK Go, Jukebox The Ghost and Rooney, But Tally Hall never realize all of the success the industry anticipated.

    After releasing 2011’s, Good & Evil, their Tony Hoffer-produced sophomore album, band members announced that they were taking a collective break.

    Most of Tally Hall remains active, however, and Rob Cantor especially.

    In addition to scoring for movies and penning a pair of Hollywood-themed songs that went viral (“Shia LeBouf,” “Christian Bale Is At Your Party”), Cantor released his debut solo album, “Not A Trampoline,” this month.

    Two music videos from “Trampoline” have already been released, “Old Bike” and “All I Need Is You,” both of which are complex, thought-provoking and uplifting.

    The now-Los-Angeles-based Cantor took some time to answer some questions for TheImproper.

    IM: How would you describe your new album to someone who hasn’t yet heard it? 

    Cantor: First, I’d give ‘em a long kiss on the cheek, just to get their attention. Then I’d slap ‘em clean across the face and shout, “It’s songs!”

    IM: Fried chicken on the cover? Where did that come from? 

    Cantor: It’s an example of something that’s not a trampoline. 

    IM: The two music videos you have released so far look like they each took weeks to prepare.  Was this your vision, or more from directors and friends, to have some complex videos? 

    Cantor: Yes, both music videos so far have been big projects. Each was a collaboratively conceived and executed by a talented director and me. Everything was produced and shot independently, and lots of people donated their time and effort for free or nearly-free.

    Our goal was just to make an entertaining music video, and the fact that they both turned out fairly complex was sort of incidental. 

    IM: Beyond your solo recordings and work with Tally Hall, you have written for commercials and movies.  Do you have a favorite of all these? 

    Cantor: Hmmm… There’s one song that comes to mind, but it won’t be released ‘til 2015…

    IM: Should another album be expected from Tally Hall?

    Cantor: It’s not impossible, but it’s not currently in the works. 

    IM: Finally, Rob, any last words for the kids? 

    Cantor: Hi kids!

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