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  • Abby Weitz is putting her emotions on the line in all her songs for her upcoming EP with Wise Girl.

    Abby Weitz is putting her emotions on the line in all her songs for her upcoming EP with Wise Girl.

    Abby Weitz, frontwoman and songwriter for Wise Girl delivers the kind of power-pop that made Cheap Trick, The Knack, The Cars and Fountains Of Wayne famous.

    The one-two-three punch of the title track, “I’m A Freak,” and “Second” from her 2013 album You’ll Just Have To Wait had me immediately hooked.

    Weitz (vocals, guitar) is the brain behind Wise Girl, formed in New York in 2010.

    Drummer Harry Keithline, guitarist Tim Basom and bassist Paul Taite round out the group’s current roster, according to the band’s official bio.

    Weitz, often called “female Rivers Cuomo,” draws from her present and past relationships to write her music, reflected in the storytelling and honesty of the lyrics. She is literally creating a song-by-song memoir.

    And, she deems no topic too taboo.

    Weitz –- previously of The Lookaways — sat down with TheImproper to answer some questions about the past, present and future of Wise Girl.

    The immediate future includes an acoustic EP titled Sing Me To Sleep and a slot at The Bowery Electric in Manhattan later this month.

    TheImproper: What do you wish more people knew about Abby Weitz?

    Abby Weitz: I wish more people knew that I write hit songs, including the music, lyrics and melody. I feel like a lot of people assume that a girl who writes songs just writes the lyrics.

    IM: The “female Rivers Cuomo” tag that’s been used to describe you. Does that apply beyond your music?

    Weitz: Well, I did play soccer as a kid, but I was terrible… Like chasing butterflies on the field with an Afro while ‘playing defense’ terrible.

    I would say probably not. I haven’t met Rivers but I’ve read that he’s shy in person and I’m pretty much the opposite, a big loud Jew.

    IM: The story goes that you took a few years off between The Lookaways and starting up Wise Girl. What specifically was it that made you come back?

    Weitz: I had written so much new material on my two-year break from performing and I started to really miss it. Not so much the “all attention on me” aspect, which is what I had been trying to escape, but the people really relating to the songs and wanting to hear more aspect.

    I wanted the songs to get out there and for people to really feel what I had been feeling and this time it was going to be solely on my terms, which it already had been, but I think I was too young to feel confident enough about my myself and my writing.

    The second time around, I’d had a lot of time to think about things and plan out more carefully exactly what I wanted from this project. I only wanted to play with people who really care about music and were serious about their craft. No more getting drunk before we play, no more getting drunk at rehearsal, no more wasting time. Luckily for Wise Girl, I found the perfect group of professionals.

    IM: Is there an “end game” or particular goal that you need to reach for you to feel successful?

    Weitz: A lot of people tell me that I’m really hard on myself and I know that’s true. I come from a family of doctors so I think because of that, I set the bar of success pretty high.

    I was the one who chose to pursue this crazy career at the age of 18 when I dropped out of college, so that makes me put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed. I want to be recognized as a successful songwriter. Hopefully that would be enough.

    IM: What should be expected from your upcoming show at Bowery Electric?

    Weitz: Awesome, catchy, fun songs with a giant redhead chick backed by a hot boy band!

    IM: Finally, Abby, any last words for the kids?

    Weitz: Come hang with us at Bowery Electric, Thursday June 26th at 8pm. Let’s be friends!