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  • Lana Del Rey takes another dreamy trip in the new video for her song ‘Love.’ Life it seems is like a burning cigarette. (Photo: Getty)

    Lana Del Rey has been under the radar for over a year, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy. She dropped a new video for her song “Love” over the weekend. The good news for fans is she’s still lost in a surreal dreamland where life imitates a burning cigarette.

    Lana’s career has been a long strange trip in a surreal world of fuzzy images and dreamlike states.

    She doesn’t disappoint on that score. The video opens with Lana on stage in a scene that is part reality part languid dream. She’s more visage than visible as she opens her song.

    Like previous videos, this one seems grounded in a West Texas town where down-on-their-luck cowboys in dusty pickups still seem to attract beautiful women.

    But it pretty much doesn’t matter where you are, if you’re in love–even outer space. (Oops! spoiler alert) In any event, hat seems to be the essence of the song and video.

    “I made my first four albums for me, but this [next] one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed,” the singer said in statement.


    If the release of the song and video came as a surprise, her musical style isn’t. She hasn’t changed much, which may be why she dedicated the album to her fans.

    Lana hasn’t exactly been a critical darling, but if you like her and her style (we do), then more of the same is a good thing.

    The video comes two days after the single’s arrival.

    Her upcoming fifth studio album reunites the singer with longtime producer and collaborator Rick Nowels. Benny Blanco and Emile Haynie also contributed to the album, according to Rolling Stone.

    The release date has yet to be announced. In the meantime, check out the video.

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